Ca Phe Hanoi is a multi-sensory culmination of culinary expertise, innovative design, and a carefully curated menu of traditional Vietnamese food with emphasis on French and Israeli influences.

Featuring an all-day menu, cocktail bar, and constant stream of music, Ca Phe Hanoi offers an exciting glimpse into Vietnamese cuisine.


The menu introduces a unique take on traditional Vietnamese cooking infused with French and Israeli touches.

Fresh, locally sourced ingredients are paired with traditional and refreshing flavors, imported directly from Vietnam in a kitchen based on passion, fire, color, and a lot of joy.

The result is a Yin and Yang-like balance of flavor, fun, and health-conscious food. Ca Phe Hanoi also offers a variety of options for our gluten-free and vegan guests.


Ca Phe Hanoi was founded on the desire to merge the two very unique cultures of Vietnam and France to create a culinary experience unlike any other.


Ca Phe Hanoi Tel Aviv is the latest addition to a group of concept restaurants owned by internationally acclaimed restaurateurs, Claude Louzon and Emmanuel Dayan.

Founded in 1982, their company, Le Paradis du Fruit now consists of over forty restaurants worldwide; each creatively and thoughtfully designed with an unprecedented standard of innovation in both food and design.



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Working hours:

Sun-Thu: 12:00-23:00
Friday: Deliveries Only
Sat: One hour after Shabbat ends until 23:00
 Accepting 10bis and Cibus until 19:00